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Building A Mobile Team

Warby’s world-class design and development team had little native mobile experience. After considering using freelancers, other agencies, or growing a team from scratch to handle mobile, they ultimately decided upon a hybrid approach. Fueled would help accelerate the process by beginning core mobile development with their existing team to bring the first version of the mobile app to the store.


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Customer Experience
We also contributed to the natural evolution required of a brand to make the leap from desktop and mobile web to native mobile. Warby Parker’s entire product offering revolves around a beautiful product and customer experience.
Polished Product
Fueled’s expertise with design-forward development was a natural fit to help lead the web-to-native evolution of Warby Parker’s brand. Our developers regularly work with designers to create highly polished experiences and this project was no different.
Unexpectedly Expected
The app’s design deftly follows iOS interface best practices while still retaining a clearly on-brand experience. Elements from the Warby Parker web-based experience swirl with hints of the bookish, nerd-chic designs their flagship stores are famous for.

Checking Out With Apple Pay

Leveraging the latest technology is a key aspect of Warby Parker’s brand. Integrating cutting edge technology like Apple Pay – along with the already polished shopping experience – supported Apple’s decision to feature the freshly-launched Warby Parker app during its flagship gathering of developers, WWDC.
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Leading The Charge

A pair of Fueled developers helped lead day-to-day mobile development while also establishing new internal systems and procedures at Warby Parker modeled off of Fueled’s mobile dev best practices.
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